Welcome caring children of the world!

Welcome caring children of the world!



Thank you for joining Jagan Sunflower, Marvin Magpie and myself of ‘Mazzytours.’



You may have read ‘The Adventures Of Mazzy Mookameyer,’ or heard some of the wonderful wishes made by other children in it.



If you would like to leave a wish for someone, please do so on the next page.



Best wishes from


Mazzy Mookameyer




‘A thought or two for someone less fortunate, may lead you to a magical path of mystery and joy!’ Mazzy







GEORGIA:  Gave all her birthday

wishes to anyone

who really needs them.

RONIN:  Wished that

his cousin could join the

family on a holiday.

CARLOS:  Sent ten million get well wishes, to

sick children all over the



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